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that's become almost inseparable in the minds of many from reality. i'm here to find that dream city. the place burroughs referred to as "enter zone." "interzone." ♪ tangier like i said was a city of ex-pats -- people with pasts, people who simply didn't like where they were and craved somewhere and something else. the grand socco is the gateway to the medina where you could find the kasbah, which means fortress, by the way. the port is to the east, and right in the middle of it all, the petit socco, called the last spot, the meeting place, the switchboard of tangier. reasons for settling in tangier diverge, but everyone sooner or later, since the beginning of memory comes to cafe tingis. jonathan dawson came to this city over 20 years ago as a journalist and he never left. he lives a life not too distant from burroughs' fantasy. cake and tea at 4:00 every day served by his man servant. he may not have a gazelle, but a pet rooster will do. and every day he makes the rounds of the cafes, seeing all the old faces, ending up sooner or later here. >> this is the petit socco? >> this is
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zoom into the area. oklahoma city, giving you an idea. then this is the area we're talking about. i think this is where we do have the tornado warning in place until 5:15. now what we're going to see is the storm. it's moving to the east as roughly about 30 miles per hour. and as it does, we're expecting it in carney at 5:15. earlier we we tawere talking luther could be under the gun. the storm has taken a northerly track. as we go throughout the evening, we're not done with this storm just yet. by 5:40, kendrick and avery. we see the tornadoes coming through, these super cell, of course in oklahoma they are very prepared for this. you want to make sure you have a storm shelter. you want to make sure that you have a basement. if you don't have that basement, get into the interior part. don talks about this all the time. we've seen the video of the clouds out low are and see the tornadoes developing. seen some even in the last hour being rain wrapped. it's really hard to see. what we know now is this tornado warning actually look like it's been extended. aekd ago i said 5:15. now it'
and and this is where you can see them today. tulsa, wichita, oklahoma city. pretty beig cities. also tomorrow, another threat day, as well. so, here's the delineation from today. still bringing in nebraska and kansas and down towards oak city and in towards st. louis, as well. watch what happens as we head towards tomorrow. we pull in st. louis and chicago, as well. peoria, illinois. there's the big picture. today the greatest threat and tomorrow a threat, as well. on the aggregate. here's the bullseye today. not just there. if you're watching us from boston or new york or connecticut potentially an inch of rain. so, some flooding there and even here in the southeast. potentially one to three inches of rain. so, a lot of flooding. we've seen a lot of wet weather continues today around the country, poppy. of course, all eyes on the severe weather threat with the tornadoes expected this afternoon and into tonight. that's kind of the timeline. >> weather has just been absolutely nuts. i am from minnesota and my mom was telling me on the phone, 40 to 50 degree temperature changes there in a day in the las
that potentially. 70-mile-per-hour winds, tornadoes likely and strong ones. and bigger cities than yesterday. kansas city, wichita, oklahoma city and then for tomorrow this threat pushes eastward and gets towards chicago and even is also. keeping an eye on it, poppy, as we head toward today and as these watches and warnings unveil themselves. >> i hope it's a quieter day than what we've seen all week. al alexand alexandra, thank you. >> sure. >>> this just into cnn, some breaking news to tell you about having to do with north korea. a north korea firing off another short-range missile today happening some time sunday afternoon in that time zone. this is according to a report out of the south korean news agency yanhap. the missile was fired away from south korea, we're told. this comes on the heels of yesterday we told you north korea launched three missiles, all of them today's, yesterday's falling into the sea. again, yesterday it was presumed that it was a test, but no warning was given about that test. as soon as we have more information on this of course we'll bring it to you live. >>> l
and a warning. several major cities in the path of very dangerous storms. an estimated 35 million people across the united states could see some of the most volatile and dangerous storm systems so far this season. one that unleashed 16 twisters and texas wednesday that killed 6 black people. the breaking news tonight the national weather service's conforming it another tornado touched down in alabama a few hours ago. we just got this video outside of northern alabama. chad myers is live with the latest. >> it is the central park, some planes storm all away from minnesota back down into the parks of wichita and into amarillo. here is the deal. we have all of this weather, warm air on one side and cold air on the other and we have not had tornadoes this year. we have had less than half that tells us we are about to catch up. the warm and cold are not god. summer and spring are still around the corner. spring weather has to happen some time and it will happen this weekend. that will be saturday for parts of nebraska, kansas and iowa and oklahoma and sunday all away from all hyaline to wichita and
weather today. high winds, lightning and rain ravaged oklahoma city last night downing power lines and utility poles while in kansas four strike that tornadoes touched down in the central part of the state. it looks like it might be more of the same today. alexandra steele joins me from the cnn weather center. what's up and who needs to seek some place to hide? >> almost 20 million people, candy. so 14 reports of tornadoes yesterday. you mentioned a few of them. you can see thunderstorms firing off although nothing severe as of yet. no tornado watches or warnings yet this morning, but we will see them develop this afternoon and tonight. oklahoma city getting hit yesterday, today in the firing line as well. large hail, baseball-sized hail, saw it yesterday, potential today as well, 70-mile-per-hour winds. tornadoes likely, kc, wichita, tulsa, down towards oklahoma city as well. tomorrow, that threat moves eastward, chicago, kansas city and oklahoma city once again as we get in toward monday. so heads up in the upper plains and northern midwest today, candy. >> thanks, alexandra. kan
down in central kansas yesterday. one home was damaged but no one was hurt. and in oklahoma city last night, rain blue sideways, lighting up the sky, as you see right there. wind brought power lines down right onto cars as well, and fire crews had to rescue some of the drivers. and heavy rain in georgia turned many streets into rivers today. people in a town just outside of atlanta told our affiliate wsb it's the worst flooding they have ever seen. jennifer delgado is live in the cnn weather center. this is a pretty sizable system affecting so many states. >> that's right. millions of people are affected by bad weather for today, tomorrow, and even into tuesday. now, for today, the yare yea we're really watching is in the midwest as well as the plains. if you focus on the area in orange across areas like kansas city as well as into oklahoma city, this is where we're going to see the greatest potential for tornadoes as well as damaging wind and large hail. even in the yellow, extending up to minneapolis, this is where the potential is for severe weather as we go through the day. here's
to new york city, one the opposite direction. the northbound train derails plowing near the southbound train. it's unclear how fast the trains were going but as you could imagine passengers were terrified. >> all of a sudden we just hear boom, and then we saw like smoke everywhere. and i was just with my two kids hugging them, embracing them. >> people almost flew over the seat. i held on but i'm okay. there's people that's hurt though. >> we went to the front of the train, kicked out windows. >> it will take a while to investigate and determine what happened, how fast they were going and to determine the cause. so it's going to take quite some time. >> reporter: scores of people were injured, 46 of 70 who were hospitalized have now been released from the hospital. however, we're told that five people remain in critical condition. connecticut's governor dannel malloy will be there with the ntsb trying to figure out what happened here, how this could have occurred and how long these trains, this line will be out of service, a major line, the only one really between new york headed north
's that quadrant of concern. 20 million people in the line of this between today and tomorrow. kansas city, wichita, down to tulsa, oklahoma city, as well. heres's today's threats. sioux city, des moines and then as we head towards tomorrow, the threat pushes a little further eastward, not as big a worry, but tomorrow is still in the threat zone and bringing in chicago and peoria, illinois, as well. poppy, big picture, severe storm potentially but a lot of wet weather in the northeast and southeast and even into the west. a lot of wet weather happening around the country and, the most severe through the plains up ander midwest through tonight. >> look at that map, it is covered. >> not the best sunday. >> not the best sunday, alexandria, thank you. >>> when hofstra university students graduate they'll mourn one of their own. andrea rebello was killed in her home. how police handled the dangerous situation that turned into a tragedy. authorities say it was a bullet fired from a police officer's gun that led to the death of hofstra university student andrea rebello. >> let me start off by giving my h
major cities are in the path of some very dangerous storms. an estimated 35 million people across the united states could see some of the most volatile and potentially the most dangerous storm systems so far this season, one that far eclipses the one that unleashed 16 twisters across texas on wednesday that killed six people. the breaking news tonight, the national weather service is now confirming another tornado touched down in alabama just a few hours ago. we just got this video from outside the town of athens in northern alabama. meteorologist chad myers is live with the latest. chad, what's going on? >> it's a central park and also, central plains storm here, all the way from minnesota back on down even into the parts of wichita and into amarillo. here's the deal. we have all of this weather, we have warm air on one side, cold air on the other, and we haven't had tornadoes this year. we literally had less than half of the tornadoes that we should have had so far this year. so what does that mean. that tells us that all of a sudden, we're about to catch up. the warm and the co
. louis and down into oklahoma city and down into arkansas. a storm system that progresses from west to east across the country. we are talking about drought. 2011. i know there was a lot of tornados in 2011, 758 tornados happened in one month. in april of 2013, only 83 tornados. we should have an average of 300 to 400. but you get the idea. we did not have a severe weather season in april, and now it's about to start. we will keep you advised but keep a watch out for yourself because this could be a violent day in the plains, too. >>> this just in to cnn north korea fired three short-range missiles but there is no damage. the missiles landed in the see off of the korean peninsula. the tension in the peninsula has been going on. >>> investors ignoring the more adage, and some are all finishing the week higher for a fourth straight week in a row, and the dow and s&p 500 finishing the week at record highs. and the economy is continuing to improve. and a new consumer sentiment showing it stands at a six-year high. and shares of jcpenney slid after the quarterly loss. half of americans h
the bridgeport area to new york city. tracks could be closed for weeks officials say, and you know that's a popular, popular route. and that's just part of the story, though. >> i just describe it as a commuters worse nightmare. >> two passenger trains headed in opposite directions collided. hundreds of passengers ran for the exits. >> all of a sudden, we just hear, boom, and then we saw, like, smoke everywhere. i was just focusing in on my two kids and just hugging them and embracing them. >> people flew places, and i almost flew over the seat but i held on and i am okay. lots of people hurt, though. >> we all went to the front of the train and kicked out windows and got off the train. >> this morning the national transportation safety board will be on the scene to determine what happened. >> i was in the second car of the northbound train. we derailed and there was rocks and stuff flying up on the side of the window and it was bumpy. as soon as everything stopped and then we were hit by the southbound train. >> the attention is focused on those injured passengers. >> most of those wit
line linking the bridge port area to new york city. it handles around 280,000 people every week day. and officials there say the tracks could be closed for weeks. there are a number of victims. our susan candiotti, national correspondent, live for us in bridge port this morning. susan, thank you for joining us. i know you rushed right up there. any word from investigators on what they'll be looking for and talking to in this? >> reporter: right, hard to say exactly at this point. certainly one of the things they'll be looking at is was there a problem with the tracks? they'll be talking with the engineers on both trains to find out whether there are any mechanical problems or any human failures. these are some of the key things they always look for in an accident like this. poppy, if you look over my should, you may be able to make out some bulldozers there. looks like some construction work. this is one of the trains that was part of the derailment. but those bulldozers and the like have nothing to do, we're told, with the accident itself. they were already there. there was some co
in the same cities in which the american troops are surrounded today in kandahar, jalalabad and in kabul. they had stupidly kept their ammunition and food in outlining forts and it was captured by the insurgents very early on. they were given safe passage back. the retreat from kabul that followed began on the 6th of january, 1842 and one of the great imperial disasters. 18,500 men and women and children. only 5,000 were british. the rest from north india and they marched out into the snow. they had no idea how to cope in winter war fare. they weren't equipped or trained for it and six days later, one man made it through to jalalabad. everyone else was either killed, enslaved or taken hostage. >> now, the hostile forces that you describe are in the south of afghanistan, kandahar, this is precisely the same problem that the united states faces. which is the area of afghanistan that is hostile to america and to karzai and the government we put in place is the pashtun area the heartland and why is it that they don't seem to be the same guys who oppose the british are opposing the u.s.? >>
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)